Variety B to B Bash
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Form1 joins Variety Bash for kids in need

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"Most people who’ve had trauma in childhood have lost the capacity to dream. At Destiny we give them with hope and the chance to dream again." Janine Epere, CEO & co-founder, Destiny Haven
"Some towns make more money in one day from Variety Bash than they make in a year so everyone benefits." Steve Shirlaw, Form1 Group CEO,
"A pleasure to witness a great initiative from Form1 with Cards for Connection. I love the passion your organisation presents, not just with the core business, but with your culture, commitment and look to improve our social connections." Mark Redding, Asset Manager, Uniting
"Cards for Connection are a great way to start meaningful conversations." Colin McDonnell, ‎Dementia and Wellbeing Consultant, Calvary Care

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At Form1 we are passionate about people and serious about safety.

From fire safety and air conditioning solutions, to electrical technology and emergency management, our group of businesses are the experts in essential services. Every day we empower people to make smarter choices.

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